We might consider ourselves lucky to live in such an outstanding era; I mean, all we have to do is look around us and seize every opportunity there is with the sole purpose of entertainment, and believe it or not, we are living in the Entertainment Era.

And let’s just be honest for a second, everyone loves gaming! Even the ones that pretend that they hate it as an activity, for there’s nothing that’ll give you much dopamine while savouring it fully! And it is never “the last round or game”, it is a vicious cycle that goes on and on depending on the personality of the player.

Furthermore, what makes gaming more interesting, nowadays, is the huge investments, the unlimited amount of games and franchises that work H24/7 just impress us and to ensure the satisfaction of their clients. So, whether we’re talking about Half Life, League of Legends, The Star Trek online games or even the renowned Halo, we’re talking about an addiction!

Surprisingly enough, the World Health Organization has classified gaming disorder as a disease in the International Classification of Diseases. Furthermore, an old study found that by 2009, 8 to 18-year-olds spent a daily average of 1 hour and 13 minutes playing video games on consoles ONLY.

This, as a matter of fact, goes way further than just wasting your precious time; spending a long time staring at a screen can have noisome effects of your health.

In this article, our job is to highlight 7 scientifically-proven facts, about gaming, that’ll change your perspective and, hopefully, your gaming behaviours, hold still!

7- Gaming is an Addiction!

We’ve mentioned it before, and it is not our opinion per se, this is a fact that has been proven by the World Health Organization.

And we get it, it is not like we’re talking about psychedelics’ addiction or any other type of drugs or destructive behaviours, yet, it is addictive to an instinct, and this won’t be a major problem for a gamer –and believe me I am a Gamer, I know how you feel and I know how enjoyable games can get– for now, but telling your grandchildren about your highest score in Dark Souls or how many hours you’ve spent playing Fortnite isn’t that interesting.

6- It Increases the Risk of Obesity:

Even if you’re not familiar at all with video games, you could notice this just with friends, the ones that are obsessed with video games, you’ll immediately get it, and it is really obvious!

Sitting down for hours doing nothing major but having fun with some pixels won’t do you any good if you’re willing to lose some weight, and this doesn’t apply only on gaming, but pretty much every activity that includes sitting for long hours in a chair without doing any physical activity whatsoever.

5- Vision problems:

Yeah, our moms were right! And it is crystal clear that staring at a colourful screen all day long won’t magically cure your myopia. However, it will certainly damage your eyesight and will burn out your retina.

Hey, still, we’re not that bad, we’re not running around blaming gaming for vision problems, it is not like sitting in your desk, the whole day, in front of a computer won’t cause a problem. What we are trying to say is that reducing the amount of time spent playing after work can be the right turn to do, just to avoid all the problems, especially if you’re not fond of glasses.

4- Nintendonitis:

You may not believe in the existence of such a problem, just google it after! I didn’t believe it the very first time I heard about it too.

Nintendonitis is the term used to describe the strain injuries that we suffer from due to the overuse of a console’s controller. Biologically speaking, and whenever you’re using a console, you are looping in the same circle; using the same movement patterns over and over and over, in order to repeat the same 4 up to 7 movements.

These strains are quite common on the elbow, the wrist and the fingers, and they’re not that easy to handle.

3- Lower Back Problems:

After playing video games for more than 2 decades, I can finally confess, my father, that there is every truth to this statement!

At least, if you’re willing to keep playing, for god’s sake get an ergonomic chair! You couldn’t imagine how intense lower back pain is, and it is not something that you’d want at all.

2- Risk of Thrombosis:

Sitting for way too long while not moving your legs at all, since you really want to over smart your opponent, can be really harmful for your blood circulation. It clots for long periods, due to the gravity.

This is where and when things get messy, for you are risking your life for the sake of having an enjoyable 3 hours per day that won’t last, and won’t leave anything besides some “good” memories and massive health issues, that can make your life a living hell!

Nevertheless, there’s an easy solution to avoid this, even if you don’t to quit gaming once for all; taking walks regularly, even short ones, can help the circulation, also, you could lay down for like 15 minutes between hours of playing, it will certainly help you avoid all the unnecessary harm, and don’t forget about going to toilets.

1- Exhaustion:

When I was obsessed with games, I literally lived for the nights, I’ve spent a whole summer without seeing sunlight, and it is not something good at all, especially if you have responsibility, for you’re investing time that is not really yours to have fun for a while, and then suffer later which is the weirdest and the most irrational behaviour ever!

Staying in the loop for a while will certainly exhaust you, and we’re not talking about a minor exhaustion that will be solved just by having a good night’s sleep!

Exhaustion is our real enemy, it will make you age quickly and will bring the whole package that you won’t endure surely, so try avoiding making this a daily thing, or your life…

Also, depriving yourself of sleep will kill you, literally, and there is no Fallout game that’ll make it up to you, so choose wisely.