7 Reasons Why Sleeping on Your Left Side is Beneficial

Nowadays, sleep disorders are more like a trend, you can’t live a day without hearing about a friend or a family member who’s suffering, most of the time in silence, from severe insomnia or who wants to try CPAP masks.

However, and in spite of the huge differences perceived, it is rare when we think about our sleeping position, and what the most efficient one is.
Commonly, most people drop off to sleep on the back, the stomach or one of the two sides.

What is intriguing about this is that it can explain why some of us sleep like babies, while others suffer all night long, which impacts negatively the quality of their sleep.

These sleeping positions are all okay, but sometimes it is better to choose a position instead of others if it’s more beneficial.
It’ll help you get quality sleep and enjoy your day, while your body can recover the damage and grow efficiently, for while nights, our bodies are more active than the day; it is the time when it digests the food, fills away memories and gathers the energy judged necessary for the day.

According to several studies, sleeping on the left side is considered more beneficial than any other position.

In this article, we are going to highlight the 7 major benefits your body gets from this sleeping position, and we are quite sure that by the end of this article, you’ll be amazed and convinced of that, so stay tuned!

7- It Relaxes the Heart’s Muscles:

Since a human being is born, the heart works continuously in order to sustain life, it cannot stop under any circumstances.
And believe us, it is a serious and stressful job that can easily be impacted by several internal and external factors. That is mostly why we hear every day about people passing out from heart failure or cardiovascular disease.

According to several studies, sleeping on the left helps to minimize the effort done by the heart to sustain the regular and natural blood circulation throughout the night, and this is mainly due to nullifying the gravity’s impact, and even better, you employ its effect on the favor of your heart.

It may sound a bit unimportant for a while, but its impact isn’t something to neglect, for we’re talking about muscles that work H24/7 without stopping.

6- It Helps Improving the Digestion:

The digestive system is one of the hardest working entities in our body.
Additionally, there are a lot of common misunderstandings when it comes to its functioning.
For instance, most people think that it stops working during the night, which is not true at all; the process of digestion goes on throughout the day and during the night.
In fact, the quality of processing during the night is better.

Nevertheless, giving it some support will make things better, and will help your body grow efficiently.
This can be achieved just by switching your sleeping position.

The reason behind this improvement is partially anatomical; the natural position of the stomach is on the left side of the abdomen; by sleeping on the left side, you allow the digested food to pass through the intestines (the small intestine and the large one) more fluently.
In addition to that, this position helps reduce the pressure put on the pancreas by the stomach, which impacts positively the flow of the pancreas’ enzymes.

5- It Supports the Lymphatic System:

The lymphatic system is a network of organs, tissues, and vessels that help getting rid of body wastes and toxins via a clear yellowish fluid known as Lymph.
The role of this system is to maintain the circulation of the lymph which ensures a major immunity role, which means that a blockage in this circulation can cause some serious damage and may be the direct cause behind poor health.

It has been proven that the left-side position impacts positively the circulation of the lymph, and this is due to the fact that the lymphatic circulation drains to the left side of the body, and specifically the thoracic duct, and sleeping in this position helps using the gravity in the favor of our body.

4- It Helps Avoiding and Reducing Heartburn:

If you are continuously suffering from heartburn, it can be related directly to eating large quantities of food right before going to bed.
This is due to the fact that the gastric acid, also known as the stomach acid, creeps up the esophagus.

According to biologists, sleeping on the right side can increase the intensity of this effect, while going for the left side can be really beneficial in reducing the intensity of heartburn and avoiding it later-on.

Nevertheless, lying down on the left side helps to keep the junction of the esophagus and the stomach higher than the levels of the acid.

3- It Relieves Back Pain:

If you’ve never experienced such a thing, you should be happy, for it’s not something that you can live with, it makes days a terrible thing to go through.

Waking up with a tweaked and strained neck muscle, just because of an odd/unnatural sleeping position, isn’t something anyone would appreciate.

The solution to this is sleeping on the left, for it relieves the stress on the spine and the neck muscles.
Sleeping on a different position will oblige your back and your neck muscles to put some real effort just to keep things going on normally.

And as we’ve previously mentioned, this position helps your circulation to get fluently while minimizing the effort, which will help directly in reducing the inflammation and repairing the damage.

2- It is a Must for Pregnant Women:

Even men can imagine how hard it is for a pregnant woman to have some quality sleep.

However, none can imagine how hard it is to maintain the circulation of blood for two bodies. We are talking about a massive task that requires a huge volume of blood that circulates faster than usual.

In addition to that, a growing fetus expands the size of the uterus, which stresses on the spine and the digestive organs.

We’ve already talked about the impact of the left-side position on the circulation of blood and lymph, which can help the pregnant woman positively.

Furthermore, this position helps to keep the organs, including the liver and the stomach, in their natural positions.

1- It is a Remedy for Snoring:

If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself.

Snoring is a serious problem, and you can’t imagine the frequency of marriage failures due to such a small problem.

We are not trying to convince you that changing your sleeping position is the ultimate solution for a problem that is caused by various factors but giving it a try never hurt anyone before.

Sleeping on the left side helps the tongue and the throat staying in the normal position, instead of being totally relaxed which generally causes snoring.


Changing your sleeping position is no easy task, it takes time and awareness, you’ll find yourself waking up in the position you’re used to.
However, anyone can develop such a habit, and we really hope that you consider it, it’ll surely help you enjoy your days way better, and you’ll surely feel like a baby again!