15 Makeup Tips All Older Women Should Know

Let me tell you a secret: Kylie Jenner Cosmetics was never the answer, especially for older women! Believe me, I am a woman that understands, that deep down within every single one of us, appearances matter. The battle of how we look and how we define ourselves starts since our very first day on earth!

Nevertheless, and whenever it comes to makeup, we are talking about a product that satisfies our proper agendas, hence the first assumption, for a brand doesn’t matter that much if we really care about appearances.

Now, we all know that keeping up with age isn’t an easy task, it takes time and effort and experience. For instance, looking for an eyeliner for hooded eyes won’t be something that happens once in a blue moon you’ll have to deal with that more often and many other things that come with age other than wisdom!

Worry not! It is never too late to shine once again, it takes a bit of knowledge and some tips that you should know about and apply in order to get the look you want in a smart way. And this is the only purpose of this article, in which we are going to focus on 15 tips and hacks that will allow you to look younger and stunning, enjoy!.

15. Out of Eyeliner? Well, There’s always Mascara!

This occurs more than once in a lifetime, for instance, last year I was traveling from a place to another to another, and I forgot to pack my eyeliner in my second stop! It could have been a disaster, trust me!
However, there’s always another option, a rescue that will save the day: mascara.

In order to do that, all you have to do is to get your mascara’s spoolie brush as deep as you can into the tube in order to get a nice blob of mascara, after that, all you have to do is to put it onto a clean hard surface – I usually go for one of my nails. Next, get a fine-pointed brush and dab it in the blob, and use it to paint a thin line along the lashes.

Safety-wise, the mascara won’t hurt your eyes in any sort of way, plus, it actually stays for very long durations, thus it will feel natural and you won’t have to worry about the appearance of your eyes while having an important meeting or just while enjoying a vacation…

14. Lip Contouring?

Even if you were blessed with thick and broad lips, you’ll notice that they tend to get thinner with age, it is a natural process. Yet, using contouring will certainly help you get the look of perfect full lips with, let’s say, no effort!

All you need for this process is two shades of lipstick, a darker shade and then a lighter shade of the same color, a regular old concealer and finally a liner of the same color of foundation.

Once you have these tools ready, you’re already there! All you have to do is to line the lips along the edges while avoiding to go outside the lips, we’re talking just about the bumpy part at the edge of the pigmentation.
After that, you have to draw lines that go inward to the center of the mouth, and now it is time for some coloring! Grab the lipstick with the darker shade and fill the outer half, then move to the middle and apply the lighter shade of your chosen color.

Try to blend the two shades, where they meet, using a soft sponge, but be careful and try not to go over one color with the other. Finally, clean the edges up with some of the concealers and there you have it, full lips!…

13. The Powder isn’t the Answer:

Throughout the years, it was rare for me to find a woman who doesn’t use powder as part of her daily makeup routine. And this is a good thing when we are teenagers, for our skin is oilier and really tight, with no, or just a few, creases.

The problem with age is that wearing powder is that it settles into the skin, emphasizing and revealing every single wrinkle that cannot be noticed when you’re not putting any powder! And this is the reason why you want to get some makeup in the first place, to make everything look better and right!

We’re not saying that powder is not an option at all, it can be very helpful for a night out or a party, but using a cream instead can be more beneficial, and it’ll certainly make you look better while hiding all the age creases and neck and jaw wrinkles.

Furthermore, going for other products like cream and sprays will certainly help you maintain a clean and healthy skin…

12. Lip Balm as Eyebrow Gel:

We all know how hard it is to have your eyebrow done, it is a task and a half. Now imagine, in addition to this, you’ll have to deal with unruly and rowdy hair, well, I guess you know how it feels like! Plus, buying more products isn’t a choice, especially if you have way too many products already.

Well, we have good news, colorless lip balms are the key that you need. In addition to a balm, you need a clean brush and a sponge that you will use to dab the lip balm into your eyebrows.
The good thing about this practice is that lip balms are actually beneficial since they contain considerable amounts of Vitamin E, which will help you get rid of the unruly hair forever!.

11. Always Know Your Tone!

This is a must for every woman, at every age! The right shade is the foundation of everything, and it isn’t something you find easily, it takes time, effort and lots of tries! Tones differ from a makeup brand to another, even if it looks the same, this is a rule: every brand has its proper foundation.

Knowing and using the right color of foundation is the primary key to getting a perfect/on-point makeup that satisfies us. The good news is that as we age, and especially for women above 50-yo, using a yellow-toned foundation tends to make the skin look younger, brighter and stunning, and that is one of the advantages that come with age! Also, and generally speaking, gold-colored foundations can be used at any age without any single problem or inadequacy.

The reason behind the choice of yellow is that biologically speaking, all skins tend to a greyish tone with age, and the yellow is the proper color of foundation that counteracts with grey which allows you to look younger while keeping a natural vibe.

Personally, I always go for the Covergirl foundations that are always close to what I’m looking for, so I developed the habit of trusting them, which saves me lots of time and effort, why don’t you give it a try? Might Surprise you.

10. Lights, Camera, Action!

We all experience that moment when you’re finally, and after hours and hours of work, really to go out and face the worlds; the makeup’s done!
Well, the surprise is that throughout the night, and while checking a mirror randomly, you could be horrified, we’re talking about the light’s effect!

And we have a simple answer and a permanent solution to this, all you have to do is to conduct some lighting test right before you go out, especially if we’re talking about an event or a show in which you are going to be photographed a lot.

So next time you’re experiencing this, and once you’re done with your makeup, make sure it looks good under the light of the bathroom, for that’s your worst enemy; it shows the most insignificant fails of your makeup and the wrinkles. After that, try to check your appearance outdoors if we’re talking about a day’s event. However, if it is dark, just stay inside and use a light source (flashlight preferably), and don’t forget to take pictures!…

9. Always Check your Body’s Odor:

Well, wearing a body spray takes all the chances out, you will certainly smell good, or at least natural. However, fragrances, in general, and the high-quality Eau de Parfum don’t last days and nights.

Again, the proper applying of perfumes isn’t known by most people; what’s common is that it should be applied to pulse points, which, mostly, everyone ignores. It’s not just your wrists you should be dabbing them onto, but also behind your ears, knees, and inside your elbows. If we’re talking about a subtler fragrance, all you have to do it to spray it once down your back and don’t forget to dab some on your navel.

Well, and as for the hair, never spritz it on directly, for the alcohol can dry your hair out and eventually damage it, instead of that spread it on your brush or just your comb depending on your outfit…

8. Apply Eyelash Glue with a Bobby Pin:

I remember one time when I tried to apply falsies for the first time, they were Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift Mascara, I’d never forgotten it, literally, I ended up looking like a clown! That night was really awkward, and I felt embarrassed for the whole night.

Later on, I’ve understood, and I believe that you all did so, that falsies can add up that last touch that we all need, it makes everything just perfect! You just have to know how to use it right; Firstly, go for fakes lashes that aren’t too long and preferably wispy. Next, you have to make sure that you apply the right amount of glue.In spite of what you hear about applying too much glue, it never helps actually. The right amount of the eyelash glue is the key! I’ve seen people with eyes sealed shut just for using too much glue. According to us, the best way to attach the fake lashes is to use the ends of the hairpins known as Bobby Pins for it’ll help you pain on the glue while using the proper amounts…

7. Toothbrushes Are Not Just For Brushing Teeth:

It might sound weird, even though lots of people use toothbrushes to clean some specific hardware, but this is not our topic. We can agree that braids look beautiful regardless of age. I mean, they are easy to put on, practical, stylish and youthful, what is the downside really? The slight inconvenience that comes with age is that the hair tends to thin out, which makes the braids wispier, and believe me it never looks good!

However, there’s a practical way to do that no matter how old you are; start off brushing your hair, then braid it as if you’re still a teenager. Right after putting the pins in order to secure the braids, all you have to do is to run a toothbrush along each side of each link, this will help to avoid looking like a schoolteacher while gaining extra volume and the hair will look more lively…

6. Remover is not a Remover really!

Nails are one of the hardest parts to manage; it takes lots of effort and energy for something that won’t last more than a day or two! The major problem behind this is that we don’t prepare nails perfectly before polishing them.

And weirdly enough, the nail polish remover helps actually the nail polish to stay on! This can be explained by the fact that polished chips away in a day or two because of the oils that stay between the nail and the polish.
However, if cleaned with a remover before applying the polish, the natural oils will be removed which will ensure your polish stays longer!.

5. Silicone Beauty Blenders:

This is a message for every woman that is using any kind of sponges to blend makeup, there is a better alternative; Silicone beauty blenders, that are also known as Sillisponges, are quite better. These new trending sponges are actually quite practical, for they are smoother than any other sponge in the market, and they don’t soak up your products at all.

Silicone Beauty Blenders have an interesting background story too; before the existence of such a product, lovers of makeup found out that using chicken cutlets –the silicone bra inserts- is a nice option when it comes to blending makeup. Hence, Sillisponge was born!…

4. Spoon in the Best Contour:

Yes! The best contour you can ever use exists in your kitchen right now, it is the spoon. It’ll help you sculpt like a professional. You can google it or see a vid in YouTube in order to see how to use this trick, but trust me, this is 100% true, I’ve tried it more than one!

You can see some extreme people going for knives and cups, which is not something that we’d advice, since it is dangerous! Besides that, a spoon is way more practical and it’ll certainly fulfill the task perfectly!

In order to get a perfect contour, all you have to do is to hold the spoon at an angle pointing slightly downward, so that the head of the spoon cups the apple of your cheek. Next, try to keep the spoon in the given position while applying the contour underneath it.

Try to use what you already have on the brush only, until the product is diffused. Once you’re finished, you can blend out any residual harshness…

3. Always go for a High SPF:

Ever since we were kids, we knew that wearing sunscreen is a must! It helps to protect our skin. However, most older women tend to ignore that, just because their skin isn’t that young anymore. However, what they should be really doing is caring about the Sun Protection Factor. This actually can help you prevent any further skin damage, and it’ll certainly help to control the intensity and number of wrinkles.

At this age, you are obliged to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher which can help you avoid and prevent crow’s feet and neck wrinkles. Also, you ought to look for balms with SPF in order to reduce lines that cause lip’s bleeding. One last thing, never ignore your neck or you’ll be suffering from necklines later-on…

2. Eye Shadow For Your Head Scalp!

One of the most annoying health and beauty problems that comes with age is hair shedding and hair loss. This can be seen clearly once we get a little bit older since the scalp looks brighter and you could actually see the color of the scalp.

There’s a temporary solution that doesn’t require any purchase of new products; All you have to do is to apply some of your eye shadow on your scalp, which will help actually to make the patchy and empty areas look filled in.

All you need is a brush and an eye shadow; dab the shadow onto the areas using the brush. However, if your hair isn’t black or blown, this tip isn’t really for you, it’ll just make things awkward unless you actually invest some effort in looking for the right color!…

1. Lighter is Wiser and Chic!

Getting old means getting wiser and more aware of everything, including colors! Going for black eyeliners, or a brown lipstick –unless there’s an event or something- isn’t a perfect choice, even if you’re used to that.

Once you pass the 45 bar, you ought to make some changes in your routines, including the makeup one; going for lighter colors and color foundations is always perfect for you, it’ll give you the charm and the elegance you need for your age, and you’ll give the vibe of a young soul. You ought to go for alternatives such as gels or creams instead of the classical eyeliners.

We don’t talk about yellow, orange or white shades only, but imagine someone who’s wearing a medium shade of brown compared to someone who’s wearing something purely black, isn’t she old for a metal concert? Nevertheless, a lighter foundation actually emits a juvenile vibe that has its charm and that looks really chic.